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Name Change

image Legally changing your name in Utah is a straight forward process that requires just a few specific steps.  You must file a petition certifying you have lived in your current county for at least one year, that you are not a registered sex offender, and that you are not seeking a name change for any unlawful purpose, including attempting to shirk creditors.

You must also send an application to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Information for certification of your ability to change your name.  Finally, you must attend a short court hearing.  The court filing fee is $360.

Utah has adopted the common law that says people should be able to choose about any name they want.  The only restriction includes choosing a name that is offensive or otherwise problematic.

Child Name Change

The process for changing a child’s name is roughly the same as changing an adult’s name.  The main difference is the petitioner (the child’s custodian or guardian) must show it is in the child’s best interest to change his or her name.  Factors include what the child is known by, the child’s preference (if old enough to say), and the petitioner’s motive for seeking the name change.

Either both parent’s must give consent to the name change or be given notice and an opportunity to express his or her reasons for not wanting the name changed.  The court will make the ultimate decision based on the child’s best interest.  If the biological father is not a part of the child’s life in any way, it may be possible to proceed without notice to him.