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Lease Agreements

A lease agreement, in its simplest terms, is a contract.  It contains promises from both the leaser and leasee to create a mutually beneficial relationship.  Generally, the leasor promises to give the leasee use of a home or space, and the leasee promises to pay the leasor.  There are, of course, many more terms that should be included in an agreement so that everyone involved understands their rights and responsibilities.  Leases may also contain options, such as an option to renew or an option to purchase the leased property.  A lease can be written or oral; although for enforcement purposes a written lease is always better.

There are certain rights that cannot be contracted away.  Although these terms are often included in lease agreements, they cannot be enforced under Utah law.  For this reason every lease should be drafted by a professional or reviewed by a professional prior to any kind of enforcement action.

The attorneys at Slemboski & Tobler have extensive experience with commercial and residential lease agreements.  They have helped interpret and, when necessary, litigate the terms of all types of leases.  They have drafted and helped execute leases to fit about every conceivable situation.  The attorneys themselves have leased and owned rental property giving them personal experience from both sides of the agreement.  This helps them ensure each lease is properly drafted to protect their client.  For more information please call for a free consultation to learn what kind of lease you need, or the enforceability of the lease you have.