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Alexander A. Redmon


Alexander A. Redmon moved to the St. George area after completing an LDS mission in Honduras and serving in the military. He graduated from Southern Utah University and attended Syracuse University College of Law. In law school Mr. Redmon assisted the less fortunate through the University’s Criminal Defense Clinic, Elder Law Clinic, and student Legal Aid Office. Through this experience he became well versed in the complexities of Criminal Law and the importance of a criminal defendant’s right to counsel, and seeks to provide optimal services to the accused.

Mr. Redmon also learned through hands-on experience the intricacies of Elder Law. He recognizes the needs of the Greatest Generation and helps where he can through volunteering in senior living facilities and assisting with their unique legal needs, including drafting advanced healthcare directives and financial planning and dealing with social security issues and the perils of elder abuse and exploitation.

As a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, Mr. Redmon appreciates the unique legal issues of military service-members and is the ideal representative for them in any situation.  Mr. Redmon also teaches and advises at Dixie State University in the History and Political Science Department. Finally, Mr. Redmon is a member of the Utah State Bar and is dedicated to the people and success of Southern Utah.

Mr. Redmon and his wife recently welcomed their second child. He is actively engaged in public service, community development, local sports, and ecclesiastical activities.

In 2015, Mr. Redmon resumed active duty in the Marine Corps as a JAG Officer.