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St. George Immigration Law

image At Slemboski & Tobler, we provide experienced guidance for anyone seeking non-immigrant visas (such as H1B, O1, E1, E2, P1, P2, J1, K1, K2, and K3), immigrant visas and green cards (family based, and EB5), and naturalization papers.  We can also help people adjust status from one type of visa to another.

Unfortunately, the US government has made immigrating a much more arduous and difficult process than in years past.  The biggest problem people run into is that the process requires exactness, both in filling out the proper forms and documents and in meeting deadlines.  Any missteps may require repeated filings, additional fees, and certainly delays.  Worst case scenario could be a denial of a visa or green card or deportation proceedings.  For these reasons we always recommend you have experienced help from the start.

There are often several different ways to legally enter and stay in the United States, so please make an appointment for a free, confidential, initial consultation to discuss your case.  We can help you understand the cost of petitioning for the appropriate visas or papers, the procedure involved, as well as the approximate time it will take to gain the necessary approval from the Department of Homeland Security, the National Visa Center, and and/or the U.S. Consulate overseeing your home country.

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